Day 071 - 077

It has been a very busy month while I created extra artwork for three new stockists, so my 'sketch a day' plans have suffered somewhat. I'm hoping to get the momentum back I had earlier, I was on a really good roll for a while there!

Day 064 - 070

These past 7 days have been very inspirational and positive for me. The ideas have been flowing and I feel like I've had some very positive results. Day 066 was a profound day! Here's what I wrote on that day: "I had an 'a ha' moment today. I have been steadily creating content for my 'sketch a day' project for 66 days now. I'm learning not to be (too) precious with it, and I am worrying less about what others might think of it. As I create something new each day, there is less pressure on each piece, and each day I am creating more possibilities for future successes. This leaf (Day 066) may not become anything more than an unfinished sketch, but this sketch, along with my past sketches, and

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