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supporting mental health charities in the uk

In 2021 I began a journal as a method of self care for my mental health. In order for me to ensure I stuck to it and completed it daily, I decided to make it in the form of a bullet journal. In the beginning, I was only documenting my mood. I used different colours to represent various moods and each day I would colour in a single square representing my mood on that day. It wasn't long before I started adding more pages to the journal. I began monitoring my sleep patterns, exercise and much more. After a few months of logging my data every day, I began seeing colourful patterns forming on the pages and this was when the idea of my series of prints and postcards was born!

From my first journal I have produced a series of six different designs. Their precise meanings are only known to me but I hope that the designs I have created appeal to a range of people.

These limited edition prints and postcards are available in my shop to purchase. I only cover my expenses and the rest of the money raised goes to mental health charities within the UK.

Please contact me if you want to add a particular charity to my list

of organisations. 

Thank you for your support!

A3 Print - There is Always Light



A3 Print "There is Always Light"
A3 Print "Sleep on It"
A3 Print "Breathing Space"
A3 Print "Moods Swing"
A3 Print "The Journey So Far..."
A3 Print "Work in Progress"
Set of A6 Postcards EXTRACTS FROM JOURNAL 01: 2020/21
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