Quick sketch of flax seed pods while in Campbeltown for the weekend

A quick sketch of some flax seed pods during my visit to Campbeltown in the weekend. White pastel pencil and graphite on brown paper. I’m often shy about posting my sketches online because in my head all I hear is “If you haven’t spent 150+ hours on it, it can’t be any good!” I need to try and change this way of thinking!

Starting a new project – Stippling with pen and ink

Here are a couple of pics of a new project I am working on. More details will be revealed closer to the time but I'm quite excited about this one! :-) At the moment I'm working on the New Zealand native Black Tree Fern Frond. The first pic shows my progress as of yesterday morning. I’ve done more since this photo was taken but haven’t finished the stem yet as I had hoped by now! It always takes longer than planned! The second pic shows my practise before starting the actual illustration. I worked in graphite first (bottom) to get a sense of the shadows and highlights, and then in ink (top).

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