Day 022-028

Week four. I had less time to sketch this week so a lot of what I produced is unfinished. I particularly like the hazelnuts, hellebore leaf and snowdrops.

Day 015-021

Another week gone and another seven sketches completed! I mostly focussed on fruit and vegetables this week, with a couple of sketches jotted down during two trips out to Aberlady, Scotland.

A new beginning...

A year ago on this day, I intended to start a year-long project that would see me completing a sketch a day, every day, for 365 days, and keeping a visual record of these sketches through social media. The purpose of this exercise was threefold: To improve my drawing / sketching skills. To share my failures as well as my successes on social media. (Not every drawing is intended to be a masterpiece!) To create a large collection of drawings by the end of the year, some of which I would develop into paintings which would then be used for an exhibition in the near(ish) future. A year ago on this day, I abandoned the idea before I even started because I felt like there was no way I could commit

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