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'Botanical Art Worldwide' Ngāi Tipu Taketake – Indigenous Flora

I'm excited to announce that my Knightia excelsa and Metrosideros excelsa illustrations have both been accepted into the New Zealand 'Botanical Art Worldwide Ngai Tipu Taketake' exhibition, taking place at the Auckland Botanic Gardens from 30th March – 1st July 2018! The exhibition will then tour around New Zealand.

This collaborative exhibition is to be held simultaneously in 21 countries with 18th May being chosen as a 'Worldwide Day of Botanical Art'. The participating countries will each curate their own exhibition and provide a digital slideshow of up to 40 artworks which will be compiled with all other countries' images. This slideshow will be shown at each venue around the world.

New Zealand's exhibition is held in conjunction with the Botanical Art Society of New Zealand (BASNZ) and the Auckland Botanic Gardens, with support from the Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens Inc.

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